We help create cash assets that
deliver dignity
for all.

We are
Pension and investment products Specialists

We fact-finding and make recommendations on cash assets.
Get Organised!

We help you execute an initial check of where you are financially and your current risk.

Establish Targets

Assuming you wish to retain your current quality of life, we work with you to set these financial targets in a series of personalized meetings.

Secure Growth

We recommend risk underwriters and fund managers that are tested, tried and true.


sound advice from experts on pension and investment products.

We help you select and customize lifetime income streams by guiding you in selecting the best vehicles in the market. We make our recommendations purely on available research. We delight in enabling our clients enjoy smooth transition into retirement.


What cash asset will you leave your loved ones?

Fact: As a breadwinner, you provide for your dependents both in life and in death. You can create an estate using life insurance to give your dependents a love gift.

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Get Answers And Advice From Experts

When it comes to financial planning, all decisions are important. You may be uncertain as to whether the decision you are making is the correct one.

We are Financial Experts

We are industry experts, we have the information and insight to help you make the correct decision. We have been in financial services for decades

Tailor-made Solutions

We treat all our customers as unique and we offer them options as per their circumstance. We take away the burden of uncertainty.

One on One

As a boutique advisory firm, we can afford to give all our customers personalized attention to totally understand what they need to achieve.

We help you transition into a dignified retirement.

For professionals, we walk you through how to set up and manage your pension, and other financial investments, which will give you the same quality of life that you currently have.

Make informed, Timely Decisions.

We make it easier for you to make decisions when it comes your finances as we will give up to-to-date information backed by our professional advice.

Securely Earn More Money

Different fund managers give different returns, and, some are better than others. We help you make the right personal decision for your pension.

Solve Pension Issues

Most professionals may have worked for different organizations meaning their pension may not be consolidated. We help with transfers and performance monitoring.


We are professionals with decades of industry experience.

We have intricate knowledge about Kenyan Pension landscape and of the laws, regulations and policies around pensions in Kenya.


Combined Years Of Experience


Active Clients


Billion Portfolio


Annuities and Income Drawdowns

An annuity is a series of payments made at equal intervals, for our case, after retirement. These basically act as a "salary" after one retires. We can help you choose the best, set up and manage this product.


Micro Medical Cover

This cover enables informal workers pay a daily contribution to purchase medical cover for their families. This gives one the peace of mind to work their trade with the knowledge that their health and that of their loved ones is safeguarded.


Group Personal Accident

Provides compensation to the insured for physical and visible body injury caused in an accident. It also covers injuries that result in the death or disablement of an insured.


We partner with state parastatal retirement benefits schemes as a their agents.


Contact us to book a 28 minutes discovery session.

We review our clients Investment Policy Statements (IPS) to ensure that they align with the prevailing market conditions. We then offer advice of ways in which the Scheme Trustees can meet and exceed their mandates on investments.


Meet With Us To Analyze Where
You Stand

In this meeting we determine your risk and financial position. It takes 2 -3 hours.


Monitor and Manage Your
Risk and Finances

We monitor your risk exposure and the performance of your financial instrument. We inform you if there is any action that you may need to take.


Whom Do We Work With?

We work with state parastatals pension scheme trustees to maximize on growth of the scheme assets in line with their mandates from the members.

It is never too late to start. We answer questions like, “How do I start?”, “What do I need to know to begin?”. We also help you with utilizing additional voluntary contributions (AVC) for tax planning
We help you close the back door and prevent leaks after quoting for Annuities and/or Income Drawdowns.
We source for the most competitive quotes for annuities or income draw downs. We also advise on selection of guarantee periods.

We are trusted by many

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